Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wrapping it up!

And I only took two pictures of our thanksgiving feast! What in the world?  But the good thing is that they are two of the yummiest items on the menu.  First up, Green Bean Bundles!  These little guys are amazing.  bacon, beans, brown sugar, butter!  Seriously could there be a better way to eat veggies?  
I originally found this recipe on Kelly's Korner Blog.  Click here for the recipe.

The next picture is these wonderful rolls.  My mom had found a recipe for roadhouse rolls.  
The best part about these rolls was that we did them in the bread maker.  It was soooo easy.  All we did was put all the ingredients in the bread maker and put it on the dough setting.  No needing, timing or any of that other bread making business.  When the dough was finished my mom rolled it out and formed these rolls and in the oven they went!  We also did a brown sugar butter to top them with but found that plain butter was all we needed for them.  

Once dinner was finished and we had ran the dishwasher for the 32465416461st time we hit the road and headed up to Coeur d'Alene for the holiday light show.   We got to the boat just in time to hop on so we didn't have any time to take pictures with these fun characters.  

It was so so fun watching the kids light up with each new thing.  The lights were great and the boat was fun!

The Grinch sent us off with a funny little message.  I couldn't really hear him but he was pretty funny.

We traveled out across the lake heading to the North Pole!  It really felt like it too!  It was freezing.

Once we arrived at the North Pole, Santa and his helper Pepper Mintpatties the elf told us all about what was going on at the NP and then read his nice list.  It was so awesome to see the kids faces when they heard their names on the nice list.  Although Jude misunderstood and thought he was on the naughty list.  :) 

Hot chocolate and hot toddies were the perfect thing to keep us all warm on the boat!

After our trip we came inside and warmed up next to the fire.

And on the way out Madels and my mom did a little singing with the carolers! 

And speaking of Christmas Carols, come back tomorrow for a list of my favorite Christmas music.  
What is your favorite Christmas music?  

Saturday afternoon my parents loaded up and headed home.   We had yet another day of relaxing and watched the civil war game with my cousin and his family.  It was such a lovely week of spending time with family and friends and sleeping in until whenever I wanted that these last few mornings of school have been quite difficult getting out of bed.  But I am thankful to be back into the routine of school.  We are looking forward to having my Grandparents here this weekend!  And the kids are still waiting for some snow to play in!!! 

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  1. Pepper Mintpatties?! That's MY stripper name! And sorry Jude, that was the Naughty List! Next time you misplace a toy, just deal with it like a MAN! There's always next year, kid ....