Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Very Own Alice

Deciding what to make for dinner is always a chore for me.  But for the most part I have an arsenal of items that I make and so it is not a super long process.  Enter Pinterest. What used to be an chore is now a wonderful portal to distraction.  I ask myself, what should I make for dinner?  Hmmmmm Maybe I'll check pinterest for a fun chicken idea.  Sit down at the computer at 3pm, type in chicken,  and I see this
Which makes me think of how much my sister hates birds/chickens and how funny it would be to cut one of these out with my cricut and stick it up on her wall someday when she wasn't looking! Bahahaha seriously that would be so funny.  So now I am thinking about cutting vinyl and how fun it is and how I would like to label everything in sight.  But I am going to focus and go back to finding my recipe.
Uh oh, just saw this and chicken is no longer on the menu
(side note, Jude just saw this chicken picture and said those kind of chickens are for valentines day!) HAHA
Now since chicken is out I decide to go to the food and drink category hoping to not find any nasty pictures.

I have now been officially sucked in.  There is no turning back.  It is now 5:00 I am no closer to a dinner decision and have spent about 1 million dozen grand dollars in my mind and am making mac and cheese for dinner.  Sorry family that you are eating food from a box for dinner but I have some really great ideas for decorating our house, birthday party ideas, and lots of meal ideas that I have none of the ingredients for.  

This is basically what happened for the most part while Alice  I mean my mom was here. 

 We were planning our meals for the weekend and went to the P.  We pretty much spent a million hours looking for recipes and in the end we made frito chili pie, pizza rolls, french breakfast puffs, sunday dinner (roast, mashed potatoes etc) and tuna sandwiches.  All things we have made many times.  But we sure had a great time looking for new recipes.  I would also like to mention that we used the pioneer woman cookbook for the majority of these recipes.

One thing that we made from the P was a scarecrow mix.  Although, my mom had made it before she came here and my kids scarfed it so we had to make more.  It was soo yummy and easy to make.  Jude got in on the fun too.  He helped pick out some of the treats to put in and also with the mixing.

I did not see the original recipe that my mom used but I think our mixture was delish!!! We used
Candy Corn

These wonderful little morsels
White chocolate M&Ms along with
Peanut M&Ms and Pretzel M&Ms

Reeces Pieces, Killian Krunch popcorn (which is basically like the Moose Munch and ever bit delicious)
We also used a pre made chex mix, teddy grahams and some hazelnuts.  Not only was it the perfect mix of sweet and salty but I think it is so fun to look at too!


Our actual recipe
Scarecrow Mix
I bag Chex Mix traditional party mix
1 box Teddy Grahams
I bag Killian Krunch (or moose munch or just plain caramel corn)
1 bag Reeces Pieces
1 bag Peanut M&MS
1 bag Pretzel M&MS
1 bag Candy Corn M&MS
1 bag Candy Corn

You can add anything you like.  Matt suggested adding more chex mix.  Our mix was mostly sweet so I think some more salty would be great.  
We had lots of fun in the kitchen but also got some other projects done.  
Most of my walls are still bare here so the first thing on the list was to get some pictures and shelves hung in the living room.  
Planning it out 

And after.  I need to add to it.  For now it is a little empty but I'm not sure what else I want up there.  Maybe I should check pinterest. :)
Saturday night we got to go to Mark and Carly's for a party for Mr. Waylon! He turned the 2!  We had lots of fun fighting over who gets to hold baby Anna as usual, eating these yumm-o cupcakes,

And last but not least
We got to watch the Beavs beat the Cougs!!!! Fun stuff
Sunday we went to our new church and again enjoyed it quite a bit.  It was so lovely to come home to our yummy smelling roast in the oven!  And had a wonderful day relaxing. The kids were excited to share family night with Grammy and so had our popcorn and milk shakes and of course played rummikub! 

Monday mom went home but not before making sure all of the laundry was taken care of, sheets washed, dishwasher emptied, linen closet organized and basically taking care of anything else she could shine up! Thanks so much mommy! I had so much fun with you and am already looking forward to your next visit.  
Next up!
Nunu is coming!!!!! Can't wait to see you sissy.  Let's see if you can organize and clean as much as mom. :)


  1. Funny! As I was reading this I was thinking....she better not think I am going to do all this. i don't get to come EVERY month. This is a vacation for me. Hahaha. I am just so happy to be coming so whatever you have planned I'm there. Love you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  2. Your scarecrow mix(love the name)looks so festive and inviting! Happy Halloween!

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  4. i love your mom as Alice! i would like to see your mom actually wear her hair in a beehive. that would make my day, er, LIFE! :)