Sunday, November 13, 2011

Watch out Garber....

There's a new coloring champ in town!  Tonight we mixed family fun night up a bit.  The kids said they were getting bored of rummikub (not sure how that is possible) so we thought we would try a new game.  Swap it is!  Swap is basically a version of Uno.  The kids both picked it up quickly and we had lots of fun swapping and slapping cards.  Matt gave it a thumbs down, since there is no strategy.  hahaha

We also ventured out a bit with our snack.  Ice cream and a orange creamsicle for Jude.                  

The game was quick and Matt had some work he had to get done at the office, so the kids and I continued the fun by doing a little coloring.  When my sister was here she colored with the kids and Madeline was so impressed by Lindsey's skills.  Madels picked a coloring page with similar characters as Linds had done and did a great job of mimicking what she had done.  But like I said there is a new Champ in town!  That's right, this mom has slid into first place!  Take that sister.  Two and half hours, several paper towels, and a pile of q-tips later  I forced Madeline to say mine was the best Madeline told me she thought my technique was better than Nunu's.  

Would it be weird if I framed my own coloring page?

Last night we had our first sticking snow here!!!  It left about as quickly as it came.  Madels spent about 2 minutes dancing in the snow and Jude enjoyed it from the window.  :) When we woke up this morning it was all gone but we are expecting more by the end of the week.  The kids are getting excited about sledding and playing once it is here to stay.  

I'm still loving the muffin tin lunch snack idea.  The kids love them too.  I'm not sure what it is about them but the kids just eat them up! 

I can't remember where I saw this idea, but it is a simple thing.  I remember my grandma used to always peel and core apples as a snack when we would go to her house.  I always think of how easily she cored the apples with that little silver paring knife.  That skill was not passed down to me.  But this, this little trick makes me look pretty good!  Now if I could just master just taking the peel off of the apple rather than half of the fruit!  Oh and would need that little yellow pie pan that she always put them in. :)

The countdown is on! 3 days and we are headed home! It will be a fun packed week.  

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