Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One giant blur

Somehow between Saturday night and Friday night I managed to take only a few photos on my phone and none on the camera.  Again those days were a blur.  Sunday the kids and I spent with Matt's family.  (He had to fly home so he could work work work.) We did our thanksgiving and had a nice full table as usual.  I love that the kids have so many cousins to play with on both sides of the family.  Basically as soon as we walk in the door the kids are off and play upstairs with all kinds of fun toys.  Some of which I am sure Matt played with as a child.

Monday I was able to spend the evening with several of my besties.  My sister made a delicious dinner and we just had a great time sitting around the table catching up.  I love you girls!!!  Thank you sissy for all you did for me while we were there.

And of course my trip home would not have been complete with out a trip to the Alibi with my wonderful friend Rebecca!!!  If only we could have watched the civil war there together!!!  

I miss you all already.  

And then dun dun dun.......The fun began.  
We had planned on leaving early afternoon on Wednesday with my parents to head back to Pullman.  Unfortunately my dad was working in Ellensburg and wouldn't be done in time to leave from Albany with us.  So we made plans to meet up with him some where along 84.  The plans seemed so simple.  But guess what we didn't consider?  Thanksgiving TRAFFIC!!!! Holy Schnikies!  We started looking out at the freeway around noon and could see it was already backed up in Albany.  We talked to my dad and decided to take the back roads.  Thank goodness my mom was driving because I would have totally been lost!  The traffic along those roads weren't super bad but what should have taken an hour and a half ended up taking much longer. 
We had borrowed my grandpas pickup while we were in town so we had to return that to Vancouver before heading home.  This meant mom and I were in separate vehicles for the first part of the trip.  Near the beginning of the trip we realized that my mom had no brake lights! Ahhh no good.  This basically began a string of events that would contribute to the 12 hour drive.  As crazy as all the stops, horrendous traffic, rain and so much more  were it was really awesome to see how God was right there with us the whole way!  Each stop had a purpose and even though it seemed like it took forever to get home I was thankful for each thing.  Our trip from Oregon City to Vancouver should have been about 30 minutes took close to 5 hours!!! But once we dropped off Grandpas pickup it was smooth sailing!

Here we are with my awesome cousins and aunt who took time out of their gingerbread decorating competition to pick up the pickup!  So glad to see you all.  

We were finally down to one vehicle and from there it was great!  Mom and I were a bit delirious from the drive but had a great time chatting about all the crazy stuff that happened.  I wish I would have blogged right away because I have forgotten so much.  We met my dad shortly after and stocked up on treats at the gas station to get us the rest of the way there.  

Well we finally pulled into our drive way around 1 something! 
Thanksgiving day was a blur of food, dishes and football.  It think.
We had no food since we hadn't been home for a week so mom and I hit up Walmart (ps if you ever have a chance to shop at Walmart around noon on thanksgiving DO IT) It was so nice and empty.  
Once we got home the kids decorated their gingerbread houses from Grammy and mom and I worked on all kinds of snacks.  By the time it was time for dinner we were all so stuffed we decided to wait until Friday to do our actual thanksgiving meal! 
In trying to keep with the theme of packing everyday as full as I could I decided to hit up Walmart again, for some black Friday deals.  Let's just say that was a nightmare.  And I didn't get the item I wanted.  :( I won't go on.  That store was CHAOS!!!!!!!
Come back tomorrow for an update on the rest of our weekend!!!

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  1. I like the part about the alibi the best