Monday, November 28, 2011

And.......We're back!

Wow!  Talk about a crazy two weeks.  I am just now starting to recover and will probably catch up on my sleep sometime around Christmas.  :) In the mean time I am going to try and recap our wonderful trip home.
The weekend before thanksgiving we have the Hoffman Annual meeting.  And since we are in Pullman this year it made for a great reason to make the trip back home.  We decided to fly out on Wednesday night, and Matt flew home Sunday morning and the kids and I planned to drive home Wednesday with my parents since they were planning on coming here for thanksgiving.  Sounds like a simple plan right?  HA

Wednesday Madels had her thanksgiving feast at school and Jude's was thursday.  Luckily Jude's class was rehearsing their program so i got to sit in a watch.  Unfortunately he was being a stinker and spent most of the time with his back to me.
Nope, Jude you aren't being distracting at all. 
So sad I didn't get a picture of his face in that cute little turkey hat.

Here is Madeline's place mat for her feast.  And all of the things she is thankful for.

Olive fingers!!!

The teacher left the classroom for 2 minutes and this is what happened.  Conga Line! 

Once we finished at school we hopped in the car and headed to Spokane.  

Freezing cold walk out to our plane!!

Jude was responsible for our entertainment on the plane.  His ears were plugged so he was talking super loud.  Comments included, but were not limited to, "Dad there is a duck fan back there!!!" "This doesn't feel like flying, it just feels like plain sitting."  "I could run faster than this plane."  "A cheetah could run faster than this plane."  And everyone's favorite, "So this is why we are wearing seatbelts!"  (said after lots of turbulence and a very bumpy landing.)

We got to my parents pretty late.  My wonderful Uncle Steve and Aunt KK were so very kind and brought us my grandparents pickup to borrow while we were there.  We left the airport and headed straight to dad and mom's house.  Pretty much everything after that is a blur.  
These are the things I know for sure.

Most of Thursday Matt and I spent the day at the King's Coffee Shop
It was a great place for Matt to get some work done and I helped out behind the counter.  My sister so graciously took the kids for the day.  Did I mention it was her birthday? 
It was so great to spend the day with family and lots of fun to be helping out at the shop again.

Thursday evening  we celebrated  my beautiful sisters birthday!  My mom so generously treated us to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Sybaris!!  We always have the most amazing food along with trying out something new and adventurous.  The adventure this time was, bone marrow.  Below is a picture.  It was interesting, and odd to eat it straight out of the bone.  We also had many other tasty items.  I grabbed a menu but lost it somewhere along the way.  Their menu changes monthly but check out the website to see all the great things they have to offer.  Sybaris Menu  

I for some reason thought I should pack my day as full as possible.  We finished dinner around 9 and Matt left to play poker with his friends and I headed to Salem for the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn with my awesome cousins Joy and Shannon and of course Jenny and Libby!  We have seen them all together and it just gets better every time.  Love you girls!!! And apparently Libby needs a blog.  :)

So that wraps up the first two days of the trip.  I'll be back soon with more!

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  1. That Jude: what a crack-up! Can u beee-leeeve there are Duck fans in Wa?! No wonder I high-tail it out of your new home state every time I'm there... Miss u already (and nope, I haven't found Jude's toy ....)