Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween with the Kings!

My kids LOVE holidays.  They would love to totally deck the house out for all holidays.  I too love them but don't get into the decorating as much.  This year for Halloween we didn't decorate the house really but we did do a few fun activities.  On Thursday we had their friends Maysen and Even over to decorate the haunted house!  I had seen some fun lunch ideas on pinterest and decided to give them a whirl.  So the idea is to serve lunches in muffin tins.  I was able to pick them up at the dollar tree.  I was glad to find tins that only had six sections.  I'm not sure I could have come up with 12 items.  :)
 In our muffin tins we had, 
Apple mouths (apples slices, peanut butter and marshmallows)
Mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped with pop out bread sticks)
Ghost cheese (string cheese )
Pirate booty and eye balls
Blood (ketchup)
and grapes.  I didn't have anything clever for these but I think the kids were calling them eyeballs too.(Holli do you think our kids have a thing for eyeballs?) haha

After lunch I sent the kids off to play while I got the stuff ready for the haunted house.  The girls were in charge of the spider webs on the roof and the boys as you can see were in charge of making sure that I didn't want to eat any thing off of the house.  They enjoyed eating the frosting right out of the bag !  They also did the windows on the sides and put most of the candy on the roof.  I was surprised that the boys stuck around to decorate much longer than the girls.  I think the girls were much too busy listening to youtube videos and dancing!

Monday we had halloween parties at school and trick or treating at night.  I am so sad I never actually got a picture of the kids together in their costumes.  Madels was a cat during the day and for trick or treating she was Taylor Swift.  And Jude was Optimus Prime!  The kids loved dressing up all weekend, we have definitely gotten our money's worth out of those costumes.  

My sister was here over the weekend too and it was wonderful!  We did lots of relaxing and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  It was so nice to spend time together without having to run here and there the whole time.  Funny thing is we both had thought we would do all kind of crafty things and baking but instead we spent our time, visiting, and shopping.  We had a marathon session at Old Navy, I think we were there for almost 3 hours!
 She also helped me out a lot with snacks for the school party and also at the party!  What a trooper to go to a Halloween party for someone elses child!  Thanks so much sissy for spending the weekend away from your family and coming here.  I know it was no small feat getting everything lined up.  

Now, let the Christmas festivities begin!!!! I definitely turned on the Kenny and Dolly music while we were making treats for school.  We are also super excited to be heading back to Oregon the weekend before thanksgiving.  The kids and I will be there for about a week and Matt will head home on Sunday.  I'm so looking forward to seeing friends and of course..............Breaking Dawn!!!! 

PS you can click on the photo collages to see a larger version.


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