Monday, November 28, 2011

Next stop BBQ and Annual Meeting

Some how when you cram something into every single moment of a day it starts to blur! But I LOVE it.  I love being busy and I love spending time with my family and friends.  Friday I spent the day with my sister but I don't really remember much of it.  That may also have to do with the fact that we took all six kids to Target! Oh my.  That was quite an adventure!  But nothing an icee and popcorn won't fix!  
We also squeezed family pictures with Valerie Hibler in between rain showers.  It was freezing but I am so excited to see them.  Stay tuned for a preview of those!
Once we wrung ourselves out, we made our way to Bo Macs BBQ with Matt's grandma and family.  We had never been there and have always wanted to give it a shot.  It was great!  I had the pulled pork and Matt had ribs.  

The kids with Grandma Rose.

And Great Grandma Norvene.

Matt and I took Grandma home after dinner and had a really nice time visiting with her.  

From there Matt and I made our way up to Portland and the kids stayed at Trent and Lindsey's.  
It was so nice to be able to stay over night in Portland rather than running around trying to get kids settled before Matt's meeting at 7am and my get together at 10.  This year the ladies had a brunch and the Heathman and took a tour of the baggage handling system at PDX.
After that we were able to meet up with our Hoffman friends and visit before heading to our dinner.  
We always have a great time at the dinner and I love the excuse to get dressed up! 

One of these girls was relocated to Arizona and one was relocated to Eastern Washington :)  Hello paleness!!!!

We have been hanging out at this meeting with the Cerotsky's  and McKay's for 10 years now!!!

Here we are our first year!!! I'm not sure much has changed.  
Matt and Andy graduated from OSU together and we have been having fun together the whole time!!! 

I just noticed that Stacie is far more tan than I am in all of these pictures.  I guess I can't blame living in Pullman on my paleness.  

Tiffany, sadly this is the only picture of us together this year! 
I'm sure glad you jumped up in it.  :) 
And I am pretty sure Jacob hides from me when he see the camera come out!  I have no pictures of that guy

I just love having our Hoffman Family! 

Thank you Cerotsky's, McKay's and Moore's for such a fun fun night!!!
Here's to many more!  And ladies you better come to the spouses luncheon with me next year! 

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  1. We love you too Nicole! I can't think of a more wonderful group to share the dinner with each year - love you all!