Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jude -0 Sidewalk-1

Who wouldn't want to go to his first day of school with awesome wounds like this? Poor buddy had a bike accident the day before school started. :-(

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Who Knew???

Well here we are in Pullman WA. Who knew? If you would have asked me a month ago what I would be doing today I would have for sure said, getting the kids ready to go back to school, packing up to head to the houseboat with the Buffingtons, and enjoying the last weeks of summer. Boy how things can change so quickly. About three weeks ago we got word from Matt's company that they needed him here in Pullman. I started researching the area and found that school starts much earlier here. As in two weeks earlier. Let the craziness begin! I really wanted the kids to be able to start their new school on the first day with everyone else so we started house hunting as soon as we could. We made a trip over here the following week and spent two days in Pullman looking at houses, checking out the town and visiting with My cousin Mark and his wife Carly and adorable kids! Matt also has a cousin over here! Desi and her husband Doug live so close too. How awesome that Matt and I each have a cousin over here? It is so comforting knowing that we have family close by. We didn't find any housing while we were here but as usual God was faithful and when we got home we found a place online and were in contact with the owner and moved in a week later!

It took us just three days of crazy packing and we were ready to go. The kids got to have one last cousin camp at Nunu's house which gave me lots of time to get stuff done! (Thank you so much sissy!) We were able to get help from the brothers (thanks Trent and Andrew) and got the U-haul all loaded up on Saturday afternoon, before our going away party. It was so nice to be able to spend time with our family and friends Saturday evening and say goodbye. My mom, sister, grandma and Shawn put on a great party as usual. Complete with a chocolate fountain, lots of yummy drinks! Thanks everyone for coming and also bringing delicious desserts!
The beautiful, delish dessert table!
Lots of girls having fun at the party!

Sunday morning we got up and ready to hit the road. We went to breakfast at the Pine Cone with Dad and Mom and and G&G Mishler. It was hard saying goodbye to Dad and Mom but knowing that my mom would be coming to visit in just three weeks made it a little easier. From there we made our way back to our Ruge St house to do the final pack up. It was so nice to have Gramps and Grams there with us to finish up. By about 1 o'clock we were all on the road. Gramps and Gram drove the 26' u-haul, towing the greeny, and Matt and I and the kids were not too far behind in the monty. About 10 hours later we pulled into our new drive way!!! It was dark so we weren't able to check the neighborhood out but we parked the u-haul and checked into the Holiday Inn for the night. Monday was full of unloading and unpacking boxes. I am so so thankful that I had my grandma here to help unpack boxes and organize my kitchen. I think I would still be standing there with my head spinning had she not been there to help.
Breakfast at the Pinecone! We love you Papa and Grammy!
Lunch break at Cousins in The Dalles.

There are several kids on our street and kids have been spending the afternoons riding bikes and making new friends. Madeline quickly made friends with the girl across the street and they have been connected at the hip since! It was so nice to have a friend already on the first day of school. The kids started school this last Wednesday and are so far enjoying it.
Madels all ready for her first day of 2nd grade
Mister's first day of kindergarten. Getting him to take this picture took some major bribery.
How fun to have your very own locker!
Madels and Lauren

Jude has a locker too!

For now, Matt will be dividing his time between our house in Salem, working on the house and also on his current project at WOU. If you call me (please please call me) please be warned.....I WILL TALK YOUR EAR OFF!!! I have lots to say, no husband around+no friends in town= Nicole has a lot of words left at the end of the day. :)

We've been here a week now and I think I have been to wal-mart at least 10 times. No joke.

I feel like I am starting to settle in and make this our home. And when I ask myself "Who Knew?" I know, He knew. My dear friend Stacie reminded me of this promise "He is before all things and in Him all things hold together." Colossians 1:17 We are so thankful to God for making this transition smooth. We know he has plans for us here and are so thankful for his provision through it all. Thank you Lord for coming before us!!!