Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yosemite, Lame Fruit stand,Papa Johns, Walmart, and Newberry

Tuesday morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine. Delvin and Matt were up making us eggs, sausage and toast! By 10 we were on our way back into Yosemite.

Once we were in Yosemite we took the road up to Glacier Point. The drive was 16 miles of twists and turns along roads that had no guardrail and had a drop of straight down. When we got there it was definitely worth the drive. Glacier Point is said to be the most visited view point in Yosemite. I proved to be the biggest chicken of the group. Any time the kids were anywhere near the edge my knees would go weak. Seemed like each placed we would stop at Matt would climb out to the farthest point, I am pretty sure he just like to watch me squirm! Although I can't complain too much considering he got some pretty amazing photos and videos from those places.
We stopped in Bakersfield for some pizza. And were going to stay over at the ol' walmart for the night. One step out into the parking lot and we decided to move on. It was NASTY!!! I don't know where we are now but we stopped at a little RV park, we didn't get here until 1am ish, so we just went straight to sleep!


  1. Ahh those pictures by the edge made me nervous lol.

  2. OH I can't imagine where you got it from "Sue". We never grew up with a paranoid mother. :)So glad you are having fun! Brooklyn would like more pictures of Madeline with butterflies though.

  3. this is so fun to observe your adventures! keep up the good work nicole. tell Rose everyone is home from the reunion and had a great time.
    when are you having the extended family video party! xo aunt carol

  4. Carol,
    Glad you are having fun following us. We are planning to have a 60th birthday party for Rose when we get back. Hopefully by then I will have the pictures and videos ready for viewing. Donna should be contacting you with the details.
    Love ya