Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Next Stop, Grand Canyon.

Now if this isn't a site to wake up to I don't know what is.

Please let this be a lesson to you. If you want a campsite that doesn't look like this. Maybe you should start looking for a campground before 11pm. I have no idea how this happened but it did. When we pulled into the site around 11 I could tell that it was very bare but there were other motorhomes and trailers there so we figured it wouldn't be too bad. When we got up the place was empty. We didn't stick around to eat much breakfast just got going.
After we stopped for lunch we headed to the Grand Canyon Cavers off of Route 66. We took a 3/4 mile walk through the caverns. But first we had to take an elevator down 21 stories into the ground. And let me tell you that elevator was a bit scary and a lot stinky. But we made it and the kids just loved it.
At one point I told Madeline that maybe she should be carried because her legs were going to get too tired, but she insisted she could walk, and that she didn't care if her legs her this was the coolest thing EVER!
When I asked everyone what there favorite thing about the cavern was Matt and Rose said they both liked the snowball areas, whice are basically calcium or as the tour guide called them, TUMS. Madeline and Jude both like the sloth and Delvin liked the Big Room. I don't really remmeber something being called that but he did. I was probably too busy looking at the sparkly walls. Another thing that was interesting was the giant stockpile of food they have down there. Our friendly tour guide Johnny told us that there was enough food and water to feed 2,000 people for two weeks. Johnny said that it was considered a bomb shelter in the 60's and has just remained that way. He said the food was still as fresh as the day it was put in but the water not so much. From there we continued to the Grand Canyon. We got there at just the right time to see the sunset and the beautiful colors. Pictures can not do this justice! I was incredible. My stomach only did a few flips and I thing the week knees are getting better. I am a bit scared about my boy. I think he is going to be a bit of a dare devil considering he really wanted to climb out to the tip of a rock that hung over the canyon! I can't quite figure out who he would have picked that up from. The kids were also making me sick jumping to Matt from the top of another rock. I seriously are trying to put me in an early grave. If this keeps up for the next 9 days I may die.
Here are some pics of the kids trying to kill me with fear of falling off the edge

I think tomorrow we will be driving a little extra. We would like to hit some of the big parks in Utah on our wayt to Wyoming.
So on our way we go!

P.S. I am hoping to get a great picture for our christmas card this year. Any votes on any of the pictures I have already poted would be great. Or maybe, I'll do an 11x14 glossy of all of the family pictures taken on the trip and that could be the card.

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  1. That looks fun! We really want to go to the Grant Canyon. And that outfit looks oddly familiar.....