Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 8 Yellowstone

Day Eight
We drove through the night from Bryce Canyon to Jackson Wyoming. Once we were in Jackson we stopped to get some groceries and had some breakfast. From there we went
toward Grand Tetons. It was raining really hard. Matt and Madeline got out and tried to sneak up on some elk. The were able to see a cow and a calf. Since it was
raining so hard we just headed on to Yellowstone. When we got into Yellowstone it was about 30 min before Old Faithful was predicted to erupt. So we sat in on a
presentation of the park in winter time. zzzzzzz We left the presentation a bit early so we wouldn't miss Old Faithful. We found our spot, got the cameras ready and....
waited and waited and waited. This time he was not so faithful. It was about 15 minutes late. The kids really enjoyed it. Jude was so excited to see the "volcano"
We then headed back to our campsite, and on the way we saw quite a few different animals. Madeline is very good at helping me keep track of all the animals that we see.
So far we have seen, Mule Deer, Elk [bull cow and calf] Crane, Bison, and Antelope. Just as it started getting dark we saw 4 buffalo right next to the road. We stopped
for pictures and they were so close. They started getting closer and closer until we thought they were actually going to get into the motor home with us. The big daddy
was about 5 feet from Matt! Then they all crossed the road right in front of is. Too bad it was too dark to get any decent photos.
As soon as it was dark Grandma started telling stories to the kids, They LOVED it! They kept asking for more and more stories.
Again our senior citizen has pulled through with the savings. We got into two more parks free and our camping half price. For a savings of $60 just today. Old person
savings to date-$235 Nice work!

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  1. I love it! Nice work Senior Citizens!! :) I am thoroughly enjoying your pictures and captions of your trip. Can't wait to hear more stories. :) -Shawnie