Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're Marching to Zion Beautiful Beautiful Zion

So last nights RV spot was a step or two above Newberry. It was in the back parking lot of the quality inn. But at least this one had a nice bathroom and laundry room. The part when I was scolded by a lady at 10 in the morning for being too loud was a lovely touch.
We left Tuba City around 11. Delvin had said that he had seen a taco stand down the road that had breakfast burritos for $3. We headed that way and just kept on going when we passed a car with the trunk open and coolers sitting around it. Something about that set up told us to keep going. So we did.
Between Tuba City and Zion we saw some beautiful scenes. We made a stop in Page for lunch at a little diner. After that we came across some vendors from the indian reservation. We stopped and checked it all out.

We stopped at Glen Canyon and went into the visitor center. The kids tried to earn their Junior Ranger badge but got sidetracked before completing it. {I have no idea where they get that from}

As soon as we got into Zion we saw two Desert Bighorns. I can't even believe how quickly we stopped the car and jumped out to take pictures. Another family was stopped as well taking pictures. They said that they had been in the park all day and hadn't seen any other wildlife.

A little further down the road the fun began. We all got out to take pictures, and Matt and Delvin decided to go for a quick hike. Of course the kids wanted to go along. Jude didn't have any shoes on so I ran back to grab them. By the time I got back they were already quite a ways up the cliff. So I just let them go. I didn't figure they would be going far. Rose and I wandered around down below and watched them get smaller and smaller until they actually disappered. After they had been gone for quite a while I said to Rose " I bet in five minutes we will see them on that highest peak." And sure enough about two minutes after I said that I heard little voices echoing from the top! Matt said the kids had made it all the way to the top without being carried. And Jude, shoeless. They made their way back down and were so proud of themselves. Matt took the camera to the top and brought back some pretty great/scary photos of the kids at the top!
On our way out of the park we got to go through a tunnel that was one mile long! It was pretty cool and the kids loved it and pretended that they were a train going through. It was pretty cute.

We found a great camp site just about a mile out of the park. But I guess after the last two beauties anything with grass would be nice. And the best news of the night.....We got to have a campfire! I think I ate enough s'mores to make up for the last few nights that we couldn't have any. Actually I just had two but still. Another highlight was when Jude got marshmallow on his hand and tried to clean it off by rubbing it in the dirt! Such a boy.

This is Matt with his blue ribbon winning marshmallow.This is Madeline after she decided that wearing her sweatshirt backwards with the hood over her face to keep the smoke out wasn't such a good idea since she couldn't see a thing.

Here's Jude bringing me a cold marshmallow.

In the morning I will take some pictures of this site for comparison. Tomorrow we will enjoy more of Zion. We are going to take a shuttle tour to all the places that we can't drive through ourselves. From there, I believe will be Bryce Canyon.
The men planning out the route for tomorrow that will most definitely be changed about a hundred times throughout the course of the day. We will on no terms end up at any of these places at the right time. :o)

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