Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Day Three.
The night before we camped just outside of Yosemite so we were able get up and get going into the park fist thing in the morning. On our way in we saw people standing by the road taking pictures, we didn't know what it was but figured we should check it out too. Once we got out we saw that it was a BEAR!!! How fun. The kids loved it. He must be used to the paparazzi because he just went along with his eating and did a little posing for the cameras too.

Once we got into the park {for free that is! with Delvin's Senior Citizen Pass, it pays to travel with seniors!!} we drove around for a while checking out some of the major landmarks. We saw El Capitan, Elephant Rock, Bridal Veil from a distance and more.

Another stop we made the kids were climbing around on an old stump, Madeline started calling for Papa! Saying Papa, you have got to see this!!!!!! I didn't think much of it thinking maybe it was a little beetle or something. Well we went over to find a scorpian! The kids loved it but didn't quite understand that it really could hurt them.

We hiked up to a little view point to see Bridal Veil but didn't stay long because the mist was so heavy it felt like rain.

We found a parking spot in the park and unloaded the bikes. We road around Yosemite, with the kids in tow in their little bike trailer. We stopped at a nature center and had fun with animal noises and footprints and seeing different antlers and skulls.

We ended up at a KOA outside of Yosemite. Madeline put on a show just before we arrived. I am glad I caught it on video since everyone except Delvin and I were sleeping. I DO NOT know where she got this behavior from.

again with the video, it is taking forever. I may be able to get it on facebook.

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