Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last night we arrived in Kalispell at my friend Holly's. We were able to have some yummy dinner. Thanks Dan and Holly for letting us crash your place!
This morning we got up and going and headed into Glacier.
Holly borrowed an excursion from some friends and was a wonderful tour guide. She took us up the going to the sun highway. It was closed at the top so we couldn't drive all the way through.
Once we got to the top we climbed around in the snow and Matt gave the kids rides down the snow.
We also saw five big horn sheep. They were pretty high up so we couldn't see them too well.Here we are looking at the sheep.
That is as far as the road went through so we turned around and headed back down.
We stopped for lunch and from there we took a walk through the park. Matt, Delvin, Rose and Jude took off on a four mile hike. Jude did good but was carried most of {all of} the way. Holly, Addison, Madeline and I took the shorter easier route. We walked around a board walk and took pictures, and stopped along the way to throw rocks into the water. Madeline was our little photographer and did a great job! On our way back to the car we saw a deer and followed it out to the water and took about one million pictures of it. Once we were back to the car Madeline found a caterpillar and hung onto it for quite a while, and when we left she made him a little home out of leaves and a rock. :)

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