Monday, December 19, 2011

Like fireworks with no fuse

  I am changing the title of this great song to Christmas without family.  And I think the line in the title of this post is oh so fitting for my firework selling family!  

It's no secret I'm a family girl!  And who can blame me?  All around I have a pretty awesome family. 
I mean seriously did any one else's Uncle and Aunt dress up as the Mr & Mrs Claus this year?  

and how about these amazing cousins!  They chatted with me on skype while our mothers did the dishes.  You know we wouldn't want to break tradition and actually help in the kitchen.

I'm a pretty lucky lady if you ask me.  And also if you ask me I have done some pretty crazy things to make sure I was at these awesome get togethers in the past.  
There was the year I broke out the tears while working at Candy Tyme! 
Definitely did some major begging and pleading with co-workers at Nordstrom to switch shifts and the most famous, or shall I say infamous would be the syrup of ipecac incident!
You read that right.  I did it.  I took that awful potion while at work to get out of working on a day that I wanted to be with my family.  I won't go into detail but I will say I did eat clam chowder and orange pop for lunch that day. 

But this year, this year was different.  I didn't have a co-worker to switch shifts with, a manager's trash can to vomit in or anyone to cry to about why I can't miss this Christmas dinner with my family!  It's a weird feeling.  So this year for the first time in forever I didn't get to run around to 328473897 Christmas parties but I did manage to make it look like I did.

Thanks girls for taking me around at the Kume Christmas Party!!!

Now believe me I am so so sad to have missed these parties but I kind of feel like a grown up because of it.
I didn't throw any fits!  What a big girl I am.  

Now don't feel too bad for me.  I will be at my parents house for the next week and will get to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with our family and as a bonus I get to spend Thursday night with some pretty great friends too!  

And just for the record this is where the Jer man ended up!

I may or may not have woken up in a slight panic at 12:30 realizing Jerry hadn't made his move.
I think it is pretty obvious that I didn't consult Pinterest on this one! hahaa

So tonight we will hit the road to Spokane and hop on the train.  And guess what that awesome family came through again and Matt's amazing cousin Torey has spared us a bus ride and is picking us up and taking us to Albany!  


  1. I think you Aunt and Uncle are cute! Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow. You are definitely in a wonderful family! Cherish it. Most of us wish for that.

    Thanks for joining with us today and sharing!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. you crack me up! You DO take after your mother as I remember her using the ipecac bottle once for reasons than the intended use (for different reason than yours but still, WHO DOES THAT?!!!!)
    love you both - you're great! Have a wonderful time with your family.

  4. Oh, it is so hard to miss those family events but enjoy your Christmas, oh and enjoyed the song too but loved your family stories and pictures more!!

  5. I love it! That says a lot about what an awesome family you have to actually use ipecap to spend time with them...I should have thought of that! :) Glad you get to be with your family for Christmas - I can't wait to move back to Washington State to do the same! ;)

    Love you song choice - thanks so much for playing along with us! Have a Very Merry Christmas! :)

    Happy Hanukkah and Where Are You Christmas Oh Holy Night? My Grown Up Christmas Wish is to Jingle Bell Rock!

  6. I am all about family too.
    I also added a Kenny video.(minus Dolly-love her!)
    There is a photo in our house from a few years back that my Dad had taken the year he was Santa for his store. (thanks for the memory as my Dad passed in June.)

    ~Naila Moon

  7. Add me to that group too! I was raised to be family oriented probably because I had such a huge family! First of all love your choice & second of all I apologize for not being there Monday to greet you. If you'll go to my yesterday's Post at my blog you will see a public apology and an explanation. I never want to let my readers/followers down. Also, I am your latest follower. Very nice to meet you, and thank you for playing along with us & hope to see you next week too. Next wee's theme is in my side bar always, but to give you a clue it's anything to do with the New Year or the best part that happened to you this year or best song. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  8. You have been chosen to be in our Spotlight Dance for tomorrow's Monday's Music Moves me. You may grab the spotlight dancer button on where it on your blog. You can get the link on my button for your Post. Thanks and congrats! Sorry I'm so late.