Sunday, December 4, 2011

A fun weekend with Grandpa and Grandma!!

So there is really only one way to say this,  I have AMAZING grandparents!  There is pretty much no way I could tell you how wonderful they are.  So you are going to have to take my word for it.  Let's just say, my grandpa will HAPPILY rub my feet every single time I ask(which reminds me I forgot to ask for a foot rub this weekend) Bummer  and my grandma is the best kitchen helper EVER!!!    Anyhow, over the weekend they were here at our house in Pullman!  They had driven to Mexico for a vacation with their friends and were making their way back home.  They made stops along the way at my Uncle and Aunt's house in Tucson and some other friends in Arizona as well.   From there they made their way to Idaho to see Grandmas sister and BOOM next they were here!  I think it is great that somehow on their way home from Mexico they ended up in Pullman.  :)  What a wonderful treat for us.

 Here they are with my kids, their great-grandchildren.

If you remember back to my first blog post in Pullman you will see that these are the very same extraordinary grandparents that drove our U-haul over here with us when we moved!!!  They definitely deserve a major award.  

So Friday afternoon they pulled in.  The kids and I were so excited and met them at the door with lots of hugs and kisses!  They had been in the car for 6 hours so we spent a little time letting them stretch their legs out and asking all kinds of questions about their trip so far.  We were also excited to show them all the great things in Pullman and so our first stop was, Sella's Pizza!!!  Yummmm

Once we were home Papa taught Jude how to crack his nose! Ouch.  :) 
And then for some reason the kids and I decided to torture them by bringing out the game SWAP!  Oops how did I already forget how lame that game is?  Oh well the kids still seem to like it and it was fun playing games all together. 

The next morning we were up and at 'em again, ready to go!  Matt made a delish breakfast and basically stuffed us all to the top!

Here's is a small portion of our wonderful breakfast!

And what do you do as soon as breakfast is cleaned up?  Start eating lunch!!!  We were still so full we opted for snacks in front of the football games!  

Matt and Gramps also took a tour of Matt's job site and were able to see the crane being delivered.  
The kids and ladies chose to stay home and stay WARM! 

Later that afternoon we took a drive south to see the snake river bluffs.  Matt has been wanting to take the drive for a while and this seemed like a great time for that!  I of course forgot my camera so I only took a few on the phone.  During our trip we saw several deer on the mountainside.  Thankfully Papa had thought to bring his binoculars so that was a lot of fun for the kids, and for the rest of us too.

We most definitely did NOT need the binocs to see this guy. :)

The drive was quite beautiful!  There were lots of people out bird hunting and fishing!  We thought they were nuts to be out in such cold weather but we have been assured that this is nothing yet!  Looks like the cold weather is just starting.  

Once we had made it to Clarkston we hopped out at Costco and had a very leisurely stroll around the store.  Sometimes it is so nice to be at Costco with no where to run off to. 

This was our view as we crossed the Snake River into Clarkston. 

Somehow we missed sample hour at Costco, but since we were all still quite full from lunch and breakfast it was just fine!
When we got home we had a nice relaxing evening ahead of us.  We reheated our leftover pizza and snacked on cougar gold cheese! The kids wanted to get Gramps and Grams in on family fun night so we all sat down for a game of rummikub! Our bananas weren't quite ripe enough so we did strawberry shakes and we were full (again) so we skipped the popcorn!

Once the kids went to bed the real competition began!  G&G had learned a new game in Mexico and had been playing along the way.  It is a version of the card game golf, but in this game you play with 9 cards.
And if you have ever played this game you know how valuable these bad boys are!  

We had some good laughs that is for sure!   This game was right up Matt's alley.  It has a great level of strategy and I am sure he will figure out the best one very soon!

Sunday morning G&G went to church with us.  It was lots of fun taking them there.  Isn't it funny how you notice EVERYTHING that happens at church when you bring someone with you?  Thankfully we attend an amazing church and had such a great sermon and we all really enjoyed it.
 Afterwards we hit up Cougar Country for lunch.  The kids and I had not yet gone there and so it was fun to try out another fun Pullman place.  

G&G wanted to get home at a decent time, (And I am sure they were ready to be in their own home and bed after traveling for over 5 weeks!) so they left once we were home from lunch.   We sent them off the same way we greeted them with lots of hugs and kisses and I love yous! 
We are so very thankful that they took the time to come spend a weekend with us.  It is a memory that we will carry with us forever.  I am lucky to have such fantastic grandparents and how awesome for my kids to have a relationship and great memories with their GREAT grandparents!!! 

Madeline and I had plans to go see The Nutcracker Ballet with her brownie troop that afternoon so we headed there in the afternoon!  It was so so fun to get dressed up with my girl and spend the day together.  She absolutely loved the show!

And stay tuned for a post about this awesome appliance very soon!!!


  1. Granny & Gramps can stop by my place any ol' time. Sure miss my own so verrrrry much.

  2. they look great!!!! And they do seem like the best kind of grandparents. Glad it was a great visit