Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things that make my day!

Today the greatest thing happened!!!! I went to get the mail and BAM I found this

WHAT!?!?! A hand addressed letter?  Can you believe it?  You know the feeling you get right? Almost butterflies in the stomach stuff here!  I couldn't even wait until I got home to open it.  I had to rip into right there in the car!!!  The best part was I could feel that there was something in there other than paper!  Oh the excitement.  What could it be?  I had no clue, but was pleasantly surprised to find 3 fantastic items inside.  A hand written card, a packet of starbucks via and a disc of pictures from my 30th bday party!!!  Wow Shawn you sure know how to make my day.  :) 

This got me thinking about other things that make my day.  

So here you have it a few of my favorite things.

Scentsy warmer and yummy fall scents wafting through my house

This adorable set of mugs my momma bought for me!

This lovely teapot from my sweet sis in law Ashley! For some reason making tea in this makes me want to drink more tea! Even if I don't have any fancy teavana tea to use in it!  
Love Teavana Tea.  For some reason spending too much money on tea makes it taste a little bit better. :)

And this, my new vacuum cleaner! I love vacuuming.  

And of course my family, and photography by Valerie!

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