Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keeping it humble here!

I know it seems like I only make super fantastic, gourmet meals.  So I wanted to make sure that I don't find myself on a pedestal.  We are a real life family, eating real life food.  I want to be honest on this blog, so here  you will find the good with the bad.  The happy and the sad.  :)

This is what I like to call a REAL NICE DINNER!  Actually it was delish but just quite simple.  This meal doesn't even land in the semi-homemade category.  
Everything came pre-packaged.  Excluding the cantaloupe.  
Mmmmmmm squash.   
This little guy was very yummy.  All I did was stick him in the oven for 50 min.  That was it.   
I didn't have a roaster with a rack so my very wise mom suggested crumpling up some foil.  It worked perfect.  
Jude  can eat an entire cantaloupe in one sitting.  

Look at that amazing presentation.

And for dessert, another packaged item. 

Earlier today the kids and I went to a nearby town for what they called 
The Colfax Hullabaloo! 
It was cute.  They had a little kids area where they had a bounce house, and some games.
Here they are decorating leather.  

This man is brave holding the stamp.
At one point Madels got distracted and wasn't even looking where she was hammering!  

Table bowling??

A little live music from Locust Street Taxi.  These guys were funny, they were singing a song about science and love.  It was dedicated to all the science nerds and it had lines like "you and me and chemistry why don't we make a bond"  Pretty entertaining.  

After that we headed back to Pullman for the harvest festival that they had at the WSU orchard.
There they had hey rides, face painting, corn maze, and apple cider!
It was cute.  The kids each found a pumpkin and we took a hay ride.   

Here you will notice Madels pouting.  I guess she was mad that Jude had that piece of corn and she couldn't find one for herself! WOW.
But I must say it made for a hilarious picture.  Jude's face kills me :o)

And last but definitely not least. 

Ok so I didn't actually win this race but look at these CHAMPIONS!!!!

Yep mother and son first placers!

Today in Albany was the second annual Albany Two Rivers 5K. The proceeds went towards a scholarship in Nate Turner’s name at Chemeketa.  I would have loved to do the race but of course couldn't. :( So Rebecca being the wonderful friend that she is, ran it for me. Since she ran in my place I think she also burned calories in my place.  Thanks Gayley&Erickson you guys are awesome!!!

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