Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Secret Family Recipe

So I guess this recipe itself isn't so much the secret, but the fact that we are have it for dinner is what I like to keep a secret! Ha I am pretty sure Jamie Oliver would give our dinner a giant tttthhhpppttt Thumbs down!

But my family?!?!?!? That is a different story. :) They love it.

This would be an example of their "we are excited for tuna casserole faces!!"

Tuna casserole was definitely one of my favorite meals growing up.  And now I know why!  It is full of cheese, cream, mayo and noodles.  What more could a girl want?
bread toasted in butter......

onions in butter.......


                         cheese!!!.............                                 Cream of mushroom soup.............

It just doesn't get much better does it folks? And of course to spice things up, we like to serve applesauce.  The real good stuff! 

And there ya have it.  A meal so fancy that we ate it in the living room while watching some sort of 
football hi lights.   
What I really like about this meal is that the only color at all is the green in the spatula and the pan it's cooking in.  I guess that would explain why my mother would add those terrible peas to this meal all the time.  But as my family knows "WE DON'T EAT PEAS!!!" So that was out of the question.  Maybe next time we will add a green salad.  That would probably make up for the 1000 calories per serving.  
So what is your "secret" family dinner?  


  1. Add chocolate chips next time & it'd be perfect!

  2. Great recipe! I don't think Jamie would give it 2 thumbs down! You made it at home, and the ingredients are THAT bad. I always thing real butter and mayo are better for you than the "light" stuff.... with all those mystery ingredients.. Just as long as you don't eat the whole pot.... your all good! This sounds super yum!

  3. Sounds and looks great. I give you two thumbs UP!