Sunday, September 25, 2011

River Walkin!

The weather has been so nice around here.  It's been in the 80's most days.  But I think this week we are going to actually see the fall weather.  We sure enjoyed the warm temperatures and blue skies but I am always ready for the season to change. 
In the beautiful city of Pullman we found a little bridge.  Jude wanted to cross the bridge so one day after school he and I went exploring to check it out.   
Here is Jude crossing the bridge.  At the end you can kind of see a cute little waterfall-rock feature.  

Jude climbing out on rocks like his father!  I am suddenly having flashbacks to our road trip. :)

Here is my poor attempt at taking pictures of the fish and crawdads in the water. 

Matt is finally here for good!  We are so happy to finally have our family all together.  This will however be an interesting month.  Matt will be working from home until November when he starts the project over here.  
Hopefully we can set up a nice home office area so he can actually get some work done.  I am going to try my hardest not to chat his ear off every second.  Which will not be easy since he is the only adult I have to talk to around here.  :) 
Madels has joined girl scouts and is a brownie.  She goes every other Thursday after school and so far is really enjoying it.  The kids continue to do lots of bike riding and running back and forth between friends houses, and riding their bikes down the path in our neighborhood.  

Other than that, that is about it.  I am however starting to wonder if we have actually moved to Chicago.  My goodness it is windy here! I keep getting warnings from people I meet about how cold it gets here.  I can't quite picture it yet.  I am so used to my rainy winters in Oregon it should be interesting to experience something new.  Bring on the long johns and the uggs! 

I am planning on doing a little tour of our house one of these days but I keep thinking I will wait until I have everything in order and up on the walls.  I guess that will probably end up being never so I may just bite the bullet and do it tomorrow.  

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